Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Individual blog post 6

First draft:
After watching the movie Gattaca made in 1997 and reading House Of The Scorpion I can notice many similarities between the main characters in each story, Matt and Vincent, and that is what this blog post will be focused on. First lets start of with my biggest and most meaningful connection I made between the two. Both Vincent and Matt have similar thoughts and challenges on the way they came into the world. They both came in the “unnatural way” as a clone and a degenerate. In Gattaca the acceptable way of being born was to be genetically modified and made as perfect as possible and in House Of The Scorpion clones were universally hated. The main reason this was the most meaningful to me is the fact that they can never escape this weakness they were born with. In Gattaca the new way of the world was to test your blood and DNA for everything to see if you would work for the job. If you were born in the natural way without gene modification you would have a lot easy time in life finding a job or friends. Matt was born a clone and had a scar on his foot saying that he was one and there was no way he could ever get rid of that.

I think I may have found a intentional choice both of the authors made when putting the story together. Like my theme for the litsperation challenge “Discrimination Halts Potential” this occurred in Gattaca two. The choice the author made was Matt had people like Tam Lin, Celia, Chaco and Maria all new that Matt was different but they didn't care even though they both new that he was different. They felt bad for him and wanted to help and they did help him. It was the same in Gattaca, Vincent had the doctor Lamar, Irene, and The real Jerome. The doctor new that he wasn't Jerome and he covered for him. Jerome was the one who gave someone like him who was different this opportunity and worked vey hard to help their plan work. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Individual Blog Post 5

Individual blog post 5 is about real life farm patrol. In the book House Of The Scorpion there are 2 examples of people trying to cross the border but being stopped by the border patrol, Matt and Celia, well Matt wasn't actually stopped but close. This book is fictional but there are examples of this in real life. The biggest one that I'm sure you have heard of is people in Syria trying to jump the border to escape many things but mostly the civil war happening in their hometown. On March 7 I found an article talking about Syrians trying to cross the border into Turkey but Turkey border guards shot them and killed them. 

First I am going to talk about why people would want to illegally cross the border and what would their motives be. Well in this situation people are jumping the border because they wanted to escape the civil war in Syria. Another reason people would do this is because they want to escape poverty or start a new life somewhere new. There is also a lot of this going on in Mexico/USA border because people in Mexico are maybe people who sell drugs and they want to sell them to people in the USA so they will go there.

In the book House Of The Scorpion in the chapter Celia’s story we hear about her wanting to jump the border because of the poor circumstances she is living in.To do so she uses someone called a Coyote to help her. These are people in real life too. What you would do is pay them to take you across the border. In the book, the Coyote left them part of the way through and they were caught by the border patrol. Celia’s friends were turned into Eejits. So as I mentioned earlier this is an example of real life even though this is a fictional book. I think that this was not just a coincidence and Nancy Farmer water you to see this connection and made some pretty intentional choices about this part in the book.  

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Individual Blog Post 4

Something we haven't explored yet in this project is WorldView and today we will talk about what elements of worldview are most important to Matt in the house of the scorpion. The most important one I think is Sources Of Ethical Wisdom. Sources Of Ethical Wisdom is like what is right and what is wrong and where does out understanding of right or wrong come from. So far in the book house of the scorpion, Matt has learned a lot final escaped Opium. While in Opium Matt learned about things like what El Patron had been doing was normal and was the right thing to do but now Matt has started to realize that maybe everything that has happened so far isn't that good. Matt has now learned that many many people into eejits are not very good and that the people of Opium really didn't like El Patron and Matt. Another Worldview Element that I thought was very important to Matt is View Of Human nature because Matt has many conflicting views on people if they are good people or bad people. Like El Patron, Matt still loved him even after he tried to kill him and use his heart to live longer. Although Matt knew he was evil because he had Killed so many people and is very greedy, hoarding Many riches and goods in his house that he didn't ever need. Once again I am going to talk about Tam Lin for this worldview element too. Tam Lin was a terrorist because in his life before Opium but now that he is in Opium he is a nice guy and wants to do good things like help Matt escape. Matt knows that he is a good person but he did ask him about it and Tam Lin just said I do feel bad for what I did and that is the reason I can't leave. He has too many moral consequences.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Listperation Challenge Post 3

How do you justify the idea that a person can be both good and evil at the same time?

I think that people can be good and evil, but not in the way you would expect. In their eyes and point of view and maybe some others they think that they are doing the right thing but some people may disagree. For an example, in real life, there are many people who think that Trump is a hero and man think he is a super villain. He thinks he is a hero to the US, though. In the book, I have 2 examples of people that are good to some people and evil to others. First up we have Tam Lin. Tam Lin has a very good side to him as Matt and Celia think but as we recently found out the truth about Tam Lin’s past. He was a terrorist and killed 20 children while trying to assassinate the English prime minister. After learning this Matt couldn't believe it. That Tam Lin had done something so evil when he is such a nice and caring guys around him. I think that this is a good example of someone being good and evil. Some may think he is evil, some may think he is good, or both live Matt. El Patron is another good example in my opinion. Matt seems to like him and when he does things he seems to think that it's a good thing. Other people in the book disagree, though. They think he is way too old and powerful. He created eejits and traps illegals and turned them into brain dead robots. On the other hand, he is a drug lord and makes opium with his Zombies and sells it. if you just met him you might think he is good and he thinks so too but is her really all that good? I don't think so. I think someone can be both good and evil it depends on who you are looking at and through what view but people can. Maybe they think they are good but their choices make them evil to others. If there are any other examples in the book that I missed then sorry I wasn't able to talk about them. Goodbye and have a nice day!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

House Of The Scorpion Thoughts So Far

          So far in the first 100 pages of this novel I am really engaged and want to read more. This book easily caught my attention and made me want to read more.  One thing that I had noticed that the author had made an intentional choice about that I enjoyed was to keep the book very secretive and didn't just tell me every thing. Like in the first section it was just a boy in a house with a owner living a weird life but there was a few hint like when Celia said “I am not your mama, you were just loaned to me”. This was a hint about things that will happen later in the book. In the second part there was the discovery of the secret passage behind the closet in the music room. I found this very interesting too. The author made a good choice not to tell you all of the back story but make sure that you know there is a significant story behind matt. This is the reason I am enjoying this book so much, usually I don't read a lot because there are very few books that interest me. Going into this project I was worried I would hate the book and not be engaged in things like these blog posts but I am.

          Another choice the author made that I thought was really goods the style of the book and story. I have never read a book about a clones, small scale things, and people like El Patron who are very investing and powerful. I have read many books about some kind of apocalypse or things happing on a world wide scale but nothing ever clones and such. Maybe I am just bad a finding the right kinds of books but to me this is a very unique and interesting style of story. We are only 100 pages into the book and we have not really met the actually problem yet that I know of other than matt is a clone and people hate clones but I don't think that will be the only conflict. The story so far hasn't introduced the main part yet or even mentioned it and I am already interested and cant wait for that part to come. So these where my thoughts on the first 100 pages of House Of The Scorpion and so far I think its great!

Friday, 10 February 2017

The Scorpion Project First Impressions

In language arts, we have started a new project on the book "House Of The Scorpion" and over then next 2 months we will be making many blog posts, reading and taking detailed notes and haveing class or group discussions. So far from what I know the project will look like I think that this will be a pretty interesting project. Just from reading the back of the book I am already interested in it and looking forward to reading it.

        I am most excited to just read the book because I like the kind of book it is and now I just want to read all of it. I will have to try and stop myself from reading more than I should at a time, though. Something I fear about this project is if I am sick or away for a few days and just get behind a little that I won't ever be able to catch up. It looks like a very fast moving project and missing any class time would put me really far behind.

Monday, 24 October 2016

My First Litspiration Blog Post

Be it resolved that children’s exposure to whimsical ideas should be limited in order to effectively prepare them for adulthood, was the question we were given to debate on in class. I had to debate for the proposition where I had to argue for the side that that statement is true and accurate.  If was I to give my honest opinion I would disagree with that statement because I think that children's exposure to whimsical ideas is good for them and an important part of their childhoods.

Through my research, I came across an article from the American Journal Of Play that states, in the past 50 years children have had a decline in their play time. this is causing children to have problems like poor emotional development, a rise in anxiety, and depression later in life. A part of what is causing this is adults increasing control over children’s activities like when a parent says they don’t want their child to play a sport because it’s too dangerous.

   In real life, children need lots of exposure to whimsical ideas when they are children. Later in life when they get a job they need to be good at and have experiences with social interactions and creative/flexible ideas so that they are prepared for anything that they come across like of they need to go to a meeting or need support from a friend on what they are doing. So this was a summary of thought and opinions on this debate and class project. In all, I believe that children's exposure to whimsical ideas should NOT be limited in order to prepare them for adulthood.